You are Beautiful, but in which Country?

What is beauty? Can it be measured? In fact, we see that there is a very personal question and a clear answer. However, we can say that according to cultures, tastes are perceptions of beauty.

skin beauty

Let’s take Korea. Did you know that in Korea, every part of the body has a certain size? Having a small face “v” shaped chin is of great importance to them. Height is expected to be 1.70 in women and 1.80 in men. Of course, besides height, weight also plays an important role. Women should not be over 50 kilograms. Of course, men had their share of beauty measures in Korea. A feminine face and light skin tone are among the standards that men must comply with. No wonder Korean care products are so famous when standards are so important in Korea. It should come as no surprise that most people look alike to meet these standards. People who do not comply are bullied. In fact, we can see some celebrities committing suicide for this reason in the news in the past. So why are these standards and the perception of beauty so important? Because Koreans think that inner beauty is outward, and people positively discriminate against that beauty.

japanese woman

 For the Japanese, the most important point is skin care. They teach children how to take care of their skin, how to clean and moisturize from an early age. If your skin doesn’t look healthy, your make-up doesn’t matter. Do not be surprised if you see women with umbrellas in the summer in Japan. They use umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun’s rays because the sun accelerates ageing and causes tanned skin.

White skin is important for the Japanese. White skin is an indication of distinction. In fact, if you look at traditional photographs of the Japanese, you can see women painting their faces white. In the last two years, we can say that crooked teeth have become fashionable for some women. There are people who have had surgery or wear dentures for this. There is an industry for that. Can you believe it? And why are they doing this? Because they think crooked teeth are innocent and childish. Innocence has an important place in Japan.

brasilian woman

 For Brazilian women, wide hips, big breasts, and thin waists play a big role in beauty. You can actually call this shape an hourglass. Unlike Asian women, they don’t want to look weak. The curve is important to them. Another thing they care about is their hair. It is perfectly normal to have plastic surgery for their beauty. Some operations are even cheaper than public hospitals. Women go to beauty centres once a week. They can even get their feet plastic surgery to look perfect. In Brazil, women want their images to be perfect.

indian woman

If you are fair-skinned in India, you may receive more attention. Henna-shaped tattoos occupy a large place in Indian cultures. Especially the arms and legs of the daughters are painted. The dye is known to make women feel good individually and sexually. And it is popular. The ring-shaped piercing worn on the left side of the nose is quite famous. They wear a third eye, also known as Bindi, between their eyebrows. It is thought to bring abundance.

mauritanian woman

 You have heard many times in the world that women go on a diet to look beautiful and want to look thin. But in Mauritania, it is the opposite. Yes, being overweight is very important for Mauritanian women. They care about women gaining weight from a young age. Most of these women frequently consume high-calorie foods such as camel milk and goat meat. This is because they think being thin is a sign of poverty and being overweight is a sign of wealth. It is very difficult for a thin woman to find a husband in Mauritania. The increase in the number of obese in a poverty-stricken country is actually interesting. There is even a name for this tradition in Mauritania. This tradition is called “gavage”. When I read the interview of a woman who has the tradition of Gavage, I understand that they are actually complaining about this situation. She said that she has stomach ailments because they eat all the time. This is quite sad.

ethiopian woman

 The perception of beauty for Ethiopian women is more interesting. Women get their lower lips pierced when they reach the age of 15-16. And they attach a cylindrical tray. As age progresses, it grows in a cylindrical tray. Your cylinder tray

gives information about the woman’s dowry, and the larger the woman’s tray, the greater the woman’s dignity. This cylinder can reach 12 cm. This tray makes women more attractive to men. Also, some tribes inflict deep wounds and scratches on their faces to look more beautiful. They find it exclusive and attractive. Although it is beautiful as pain, people endure it for beauty.

 We have so many differences in the world. We are different in the tradition of thought and opinions. Our likes are different. Social reasons are effective under the permission of our likes. No one wants to pierce their lip and wear a tray for no reason in the middle. We want to have beautiful perceptions determined by society because wanting to belong to the world. A thin woman with small breasts may feel different in a place where women have curvaceous body lines. If we look at it from this point of view, we do not make our own decisions away from human society.

From the thoughts of society, no matter how individual a person is, he can’t help himself from being a part of society. In fact, no matter how much our thoughts may seem like ours, they must accept the course of the geography they pass through. Let’s stop and think for a moment, how would we meet in the mirror if we grew up in another country?

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