Working with Young Asylum Seekers

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Working with Young Asylum Seekers
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Episode 14:

Do you know what is the difference among the definitions of “refugee”, “migrant” and “asylum seeker”?

Do you know what happens when a child arrives in Europe?

For our final episode, we invited to discuss this topic two guests, Ilaria and Giusy. They are young and very promising in their fields, respectively, Migration Law and International Cooperation. Through their experience, we are going to discover what awaits young refugees when they reach one of the European countries.

When we met for the first time, the four of us were all volunteers for the European Solidarity Corps in Greece. Actually, Greece plays an important role in all of this, not only for its refugee camps but also as one of the starting points of the so called Balkan Route.

Ilaria and Giusy will guide us through the needs of these children, their fears and expectations and, finally, the long journey to get the asylum.

If you want to know more on the Resignation Syndrome, here’s the article written by our former volunteer, Gizem Inan!

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