What lens are you looking at Frida?

A successful painter or a woman living a life of pain?

A question that can change the answer no matter what window you look at. Actually, the answer to both is yes. But she also had an enviable life. Frida was a painter who set an example for everyone with her success in painting. Considering the period, she was a pioneer for women. She was a happy woman who married the man she loved. These may be thoughts running through your mind. What about the invisible part? Let’s talk about the life of Frida Kahlo, who came to the fore with her achievements, political views, love life, disability and painter personality.

Fridas life

Frida was the third child of a Hungarian photographer father and a red-skinned mother. The full name of the painter known as Frida Kahlo is “Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderon”. Although her date of birth was 6 July 1907, she changed this date and declared it as 07 July 1910. Because today it is the day of the Mexican Revolution. Kahlo was a left-wing woman. She even later became a member of a left-wing political party. But let’s start your life from the beginning. She was paralyzed at age 5 while traveling with her father. One leg was injured. This led to the “wooden leg” experiment. She couldn’t spend much time with her peers because of her legs. This drove him to loneliness. Frida was very fond of her father. She knew her father always wanted boys she, so when she was a kid she dressed like a boy and acted like a boy she.

She then went to the national preparatory school, she is she. This school shaped her thoughts in the fields of art, philosophy and literature and carried him forward. Thanks to the friends she met here, her political view was shaped. Frida was a leftist and wanted to become a doctor because Frida had a stroke when she was a child. She even won the national Preparatory School Medical Education Division she. She was the first woman to be accepted into this episode, she.

Strokes of fate

But then the first of two events that affected Frida’s life happened. The bus she was riding with her boyriend crashed. The bus collided with the tram. Most of the people on the bus died. Frida was alive but seriously injured. A piece of iron hit her left leg. The pelvis was up to the bone.

She talked about it all her life. She had 32 surgeries. But the pain did not go away. She had to wear a corset after this incident. She tried to camouflage her legs by wearing a long skirt. Frida’s father has always supported her. Her mother had a mirror installed on her bed so that she would not leave Frida’s side. Frida started painting. She drew the person she saw the most. It’s like he got rid of his pain by painting. That’s how she expressed herself, she said, “My paintings have the message of my pain. Painting completes my life.”

Frida as an artist

Frida is one of the rare artists known while she was alive. She held exhibitions in America and France. She made 143 works during her life. 55 of them are self-portraits. “Frieda and Diego Rivera” was exhibited at the San Francisco Women’s Artists Annual Exhibition. This was her first work to be exhibited. Frida has always been against the surrealist interpretation of her works. She was a lecturer at a school in La Esmeralda in 1943. She was still teaching while her illness progressed. Frida’s students were called “Los Fridos” (Frida’s students). She died on July 13, 1954, with a diagnosis of pulmonary embolism. His last picture was “Long Live Life”. Her last note in her diary was “I’m sure the way out is nice and I hope I never come back”. Frida’s body was cremated. In her beloved blue house… I hope she is at peace…

Frida for me

In my article, I tried to explain Frida’s life so far. But now I want to write Frida through my own lens. Whichever way you look at her life, your view of her can change. If you look at her as a cheated woman, you may feel sorry for her. You may be angry that she couldn’t leave Diego. Or you could judge her when you look at her as a cheating woman. You can feel pity for her when you look at her as a sick, disabled woman. With her artistic life, if we look at her as a painter, you can respect her. But if you see it through my eyes, you might be amazed. Because Frida managed to hold on to life despite everything that happened to her. She turned all her pain into painting.

Sometimes we feel powerless or lose our courage in matters that we have difficulty with. Yes, Frida lost time too. But she was not destroyed. In the last days of her illness, even before she died, she taught in her bed. “If I can’t walk, I’ll dance,” she said. Who can claim that this woman does not love life? She has experienced every emotion very intensely. Your love, your picture, your political view. It was as if he brought out her turbulent mood in this way. Of course, like any human who has made mistakes. But to judge her, we must go through her way. This is impossible too. Frida is a strong woman for me. A woman who loves life. That’s why I have a picture of her in my room. Because it gives me the courage to handle the difficulties I go through. I hope all of Frida’s pain is gone and she is very happy wherever she went.

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