Blonde in Greece #2: A trip to Albania

Albania is a country for people who love nature 
Photo by: Margarida Andresen 

At the end of October, I decided to go on a trip to Albania with a group of volunteer friends. 
Backpacks packed, smiles on our faces and excitement in our blood. 
Each of us has some stereotypes about other countries and people coming from them. I also went with some stereotypes in my head. Fortunately, they were not confirmed by reality.

On our way 

I did not expect that the country would welcome me with such amazing views, with every winding corner on a narrow road we covered more and more beautiful views. Driving and seeing this great space, you feel freedom and you cover the beauty of the autumn landscape.

Views while driving a car
Photo by: Martin Naništa

The streets are very winding and at a height, so I think you need experience and attention to drive on such roads. Every few tens of kilometers we drove through small villages. We aroused the attention of people spending time outside in front of the houses. Every now and then we saw older people selling fruit on the street or an older grandfather who was dragging a donkey with wood on their back behind them. We also had to slow down the car because the sheep had their course through the streets. All these things made us feel closer to nature.

Stops in cities

What amazes me are cities, modern buildings, and infrastructure. A lot of cafes and restaurants.

Night life in smaller towns was only for men on the streets, sitting at night in one of the bars you could see only young guys driving around the city. You could meet everyone in the capital of the country without exception. I think that in Tirana there are many proposals to spend time starting at museums and ending to spend a nice time in bars and restaurants at affordable prices.

Photo by: Martin Naništa

It was a pleasant surprise for me to accidentally find a Polish bar in Vlorë. Of course, out of curiosity, I went inside. The main purpose is to create a place where people from Poland can meet here or when they need help, they can get it. The owner was very friendly and fluent in Polish.

Go to Albania !

Do not be afraid that you do not speak Albanian. Smiles and body language will let you realise your goals. It’s always an adventure to discover how you can communicate in different ways.

I think Albania will soon be number one on the tourist map for people who want to discover new places.

Photo by: Martin Naništa

Is it worth going to Albania? Yes! Will I ever come back there? For sure!!! Why? Because it is a beautiful country, that I have not yet fully discovered.

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2 thoughts on “Blonde in Greece #2: A trip to Albania

    Sacha Bogaers

    (December 20, 2018 - 12:13)

    Seems like it was a really nice trip! And a beautiful country 🙂


    (April 18, 2019 - 05:31)

    I also went with some stereotypes in my head. Fortunately, they were not confirmed by reality.

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