Episode 9: Ηπειρώτικα (Epirus)

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Episode 9: Ηπειρώτικα (Epirus)
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Dear Listeners, Αγάπη, Τσίπουρο, Μπουζούκι & Roll is about to take you to the other side of Greek culture: we will depart from Smyrna to the traditional music of Epirus! Between both, an unexpected connection arises, deep from the origins of an art called music. However, the landscape is now totally different. Luckly, we can count with Ηλίας Πλαστήρας (Ilias Plastiras), a clarinet player, to guide us through these mountains close to Albania, home of a wonderful musical rainbow! The Dear Listeners are advised to place the speakers next to your ear (in alternative to inviting a carinet player to your house) so to better enjoy your trip to the Other Side.

Song list (by order of appearance):

1. Μαριόλα μαυρονόρος, performed by Ηλίας Πλαστήρας & band

2. Μπεράτι, performed by Ηλίας Πλαστήρας & band

3. Κόνιτσα, performed by Ηλίας Πλαστήρας & band

4. Οσμάν ντακάς, performed by Ηλίας Πλαστήρας & band

5. LIVE – Σκαρός, performed by Ηλίας Πλαστήρας

6. Αστασιαρά, performed by Ηλίας Πλαστήρας & band

7. Ημούν νιός, performed by Ηλίας Πλαστήρας & band

8. Παπίγκο, performed by Ηλίας Πλαστήρας & band

9. Αγγελω μ’, performed by Ηλίας Πλαστήρας & band

10. Oson Zeis (Epitaph of Seikilos), by Lyre ‘n’ Rhapsody

Additional material for extra-curious listeners:

An album by Petros-Loukas Chalkias (The Ways of Nature):
Dances from Epirus:
Trailer of “While You Live, Shine”, a documentary about the traditional music of Epirus
TEDx with Christopher King:
One of the compilation albums by Christopher King:
Other live performances by Ηλίας Πλαστήρας & band:

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