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The movie “The Rite of the Spring”, originally called “La consagración de la primavera”, which I watched at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, was quite impressive. Directed by Fernando Franco and starring Telmo Irureta, Valèria Sorolla, and Emma Suárez, the Spanish-made film is about the developing relationship between David. The movie begins with Laura, who is new to the city and meets David at the house of her friend named Carlos. I can say that the first scenes are quite intriguing.

After meeting David, Laura’s attempt to perceive her different experiences continues throughout the rest of the film. Their relationship begins when Laura goes to David’s house late one night when she is not feeling well. By making a deal with David’s mother (Isabel) and becoming David’s sexual assistant, Laura gets into a situation she has never experienced before. We are guests of Laura’s journey, excited to be new in the city and re-establish personal relationships. At the end of this movie, which makes you laugh from time to time and makes you think at times, we witness various emotions simultaneously. The film director, Fernando Franco, also attended the film’s screening. I can say that we understood the insights of the movie better after the audience asked various questions after the movie. I invite those who are thinking of watching the movie to watch it without thinking any further.

the rite of spring - movie

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