Thessaloniki says no to Fascism

The 7th of October was a day marked in red for the Greek calendar and its citizens. After more than five years of trials against 68 defendants of the far-right Golden Dawn party, the final verdict meant a turning point in Greek politics. The Greek Court ruled that the party acted as a Criminal Organization. This decision was taken after four cases rolled into one. The first one being the stabbing of the left-wing rap singer Pavlos Fyssas back in 2013. It was followed by attacks on Egyptian fishermen and to members of the biggest syndicate in Greece, PAME. All the previous 18 former party deputies at the Parliament are facing between 5 to 15 years in prison. The overall mood of Greek citizens in Thessaloniki was of a celebration. However, they know fascism and neo-Nazism is still living within the country.

The following gallery shows the protests before and after the final resolution; People gathered in the street to stress the importance of the fight against fascism.
-Alex Sanchez-

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