Thessaloniki Animation Festival, 6th edition.

6th edition of TAF festival

Every year, the Thessaloniki Animation Festival is organized in the city of Thessaloniki. It showcases artists and animated film enthusiasts from the Balkans. 2020 is no exception. Despite the current health crisis, the festival will take place. From the 22nd of October to the 30th of October, you will be able to access online the latest short films selected by the TAF festival (Thessaloniki Animation Festival).

A young but already known festival

The creation of the festival dates back to 2015. ADD ART, a young non-governmental organization is at the origin of the project. It touches more people every year. It is a festival that is growing due to its increasing notoriety and its reasonably large distribution panel. This panel is suitable for the youngest and every adult. Besides, its free admission allows students and people from a disadvantaged background to have access to cultural outings. It is an event highlighting equality. All these advantages have made it one of the most important festivals in Greece, earning it international recognition.

NGO Add Art

Exceptionally, this year, the festival will take place online, to allow everyone to enjoy this 6th edition safely.

Poster, Thessaloniki Animation Festival, previous edition, 2017

A committed festival 

The previous editions have all been a real success, contributing to the growing reputation of the festival. It is a way to encourage the creators of content in their project, and in particular a way to unite a few more European countries. Also, this festival owes its international fame to the fact that it highlights varied and somewhat controversial subjects. This year, several topics such as Planet Earth, Human Rights and Gender Equality are in the spotlight. Ambitious themes for ambitious and committed productions is the bet made by the festival for this 6th consecutive edition.

Poster, Thessaloniki Animation Festival, previous edition, 2018

Like every year, the festival carefully chooses the speakers. Actors such as Christian Lloyd, directors such as Denis Friedman and Panagiotis Kyriakoulakos or even scriptwriters such as Alan Keane, will be the jurors of this 2020 edition. Alan Keane is known for his interventions in many international projects, and his collaborations with Netflix and Disney.

Usually, viewers have the chance to directly exchange their ideas, opinions and questions with the directors of the short films. It is an essential aspect of this festival, which is organized in the process of exchange and mutual respect. In order not to lose this advantage, the festival will put a forum online. The platform will enable the spectators to discuss, and directors and actors can intervene.

Thanks to this year’s dematerialized edition, the festival will have the opportunity to attract a very diverse and European audience. In fact, everyone can take part in the festival from its own country. It will also be an opportunity for this event to gain recognition and membership.

Poster, Thessaloniki Animation Festival, previous edition, 2019

General information

For more general information about the festival and its speakers, you can visit their website: You can also follow their adventures on their social networks such as Facebook (TAF Festival), Instagram (taf.festival) and Twitter (@TAF_festival). Moreover, if you want to help the Thessaloniki Animation Festival grow, do not hesitate to share on your social networks the link to this new edition. An edition bearing the image of this year, at home, all safe.

Contact of the Thessaloniki Animation festival

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