The forgotten of the streets

Each year, many animals are left to fend for themselves in the streets while the places in the shelters diminish as well as the subsidies.

Did you know that the origins of animals rights go back to Greek philosophers?

Indeed, Pythagoras believed in the transmigration of souls between humans and non-humans, in the sense that animals can reason and feel.

The suffering of animals is as real and morally important as human suffering.
Jeremy Bentham

Walking in the streets of Thessaloniki: groups of dogs are often hungry and sick, struggling to survive.

Animals are sensitive and fragile beings. Why then does the human being persist in using them as if they were vulgar tools? After all, they are living beings just as much as humans.
Life is a cycle and every living thing plays its role and contributes to the good functioning of our planet.
Then, learning to respect each other, even if we are not of the same kind, is the beginning of the evolution towards a more peaceful future.

A little hidden cat in the street of Thessaloniki

Moreover, animal protection is not just about abandoning animals on the street but also about active or passive abuse.

Imagine finding yourself in the body of a dog or cat in your future life and being left to your fate in the street.
Or finding yourself living in captivity or abused or killed for your fur.
They are so many examples to give.

On the beach of Peraia

Every life, even small, is important. Each person is an actor of his life and his choices can change the future of all livings beings.

Food distribution

Only few people look at the inhabitants of the city. They are now part of the urban decor.

Even though life is not easy, it is not possible to continue like this. The more years pass and the more the numbers increase instead of going down.
But these are also common problems all over the world.

It is up to human beings to take responsibility, take care of the animals and stop the various cruelties and injustices towards them.
It is time to recognize their rights and apply them.

A few days later, what a pleasure to see them alive again…
The smile of this dog

Every animal in the world, no matter how small, wants to live in peace.
Your life is not worth more than his.

Here are some links of organizations that you can take a look at if you are interested.

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