Tandem in Thessaloniki, learning new languages the fun way!

Tandem is a project focusing on language as well as cultural exchange. Hosted by the Balkan Hotspot volunteers on a weekly basis, everybody is free to join. The goal is for people to learn about different languages, cultures and meet new people. The Tandem nights are very much appreciated with a range of different people attending every week.

Using the tandem projects you can learn new languages and cultures. It exists everywhere around the world. If you want to find a Tandem project close to you, you can simply search for it using Google or Facebook.  There is also an App for the language exchange program, simply called Tandem. The many different projects are shining the light on hundreds of languages and cultures for thousands of people.

Tandem in Thessaloniki

Now during our fantastic stay in Greece, we gather in a pub for the Tandem, to enjoy the nights with locals, whilst learning new things in an informative yet fun way. After the lesson, you can spend your time in the company of many nice and open-minded people. Learn about their culture, or maybe you find someone to share your mother tongue with. You can tell which other languages the others speak using notes with your spoken language. This can, for example, help you find others speaking the same language as you.

During the meetings, you will meet and speak to people from all over the world. Tourists, as well as many local Greeks in and around Thessaloniki, come on a weekly basis. At times bands will be attending to share different music from different countries.

The local Tandem in Thessaloniki takes place every Monday at 9 pm in the Bord de L’eau bar on Egnatia street and the entrance is of course free. So come and join us, learn some new languages and meet some new people!

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Post Author: Axel Furberg