Thess with a budget

A fun day in Thessaloniki with a budget (maybe)

Come on our tour of Thessaloniki with a little budget! Ezgi and Elena, two of our volunteers from Balkan Hotspot, will take you on a tour through the city. Including the most important sights/monuments: Rotonda, Anopoli castle etc. Fun activities: cute coffee shops, museums, nice places and much more. Everything you must see and do […]

My Second Home is Bolu Youth Center Youth Centers located in Turkey are centres that organize artistic, social, cultural and educational activities, historical and cultural trips, camps and sports activities. Their purpose is to help young people evaluate their free time and direct young people to social, cultural, artistic and sporting activities. Also they contribute to the development of young people, […]

Another battle lost for young students in Hungary

I was in my third year, studying audiovisual communication and motivated by previously unknown arts, such as art, photography and cinema when I discovered a film that aroused all my curiosity for Hungary, “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, it had it all, a strange mix between an extravagantly perfect photography and a great sense of humor. […]

Volunteers are in Samothraki

Samothraki: The Mysterious Island of the Great Gods

Samothraki is the place to go when looking for a different trip than the other Greek island vacation. This island is a unique, mysterious island as they say it is a very special place. The Sanctuary of the Great Gods and Winged Victory is the main ancient area of the island.  If you are tired […]

GYM: Health for us and for the Earth-The grand finale

June 3, 2022. This is the date sixteen volunteers from all over Europe met for the first time and started the implementation of the project “Green Your Mind: Health for us and for the Earth”.  A project dedicated to two main areas of human life, inextricably linked: the environment and mental health Two months full […]

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