European Union Youth Orchestras’ outstanding performance

Those of us volunteers who have an interest in classical music got our money’s worth last week. On Thursday, June 25th, the European Union Youth Orchestra played the last concert of their spring tour in the Thessaloniki Concert Hall and their performance was truly outstanding.  The orchestra is bringing music and politics together The theme […]

Volunteers are in Samothraki

Samothraki: The Mysterious Island of the Great Gods

Samothraki is the place to go when looking for a different trip than the other Greek island vacation. This island is a unique, mysterious island as they say it is a very special place. The Sanctuary of the Great Gods and Winged Victory is the main ancient area of the island.  If you are tired […]

Thessaloniki pride

Volunteering in Thessaloniki’s Pride

Hello, I am Francesco, an Italian guy, and I wanted to talk about the amazing experience of volunteering here in Thessaloniki for the 10th Pride. Starting from the beginning, I didn’t know this would be the most beautiful experience in my life, nor that I’d have the opportunity to grow immensely and go out of my […]

volunteer for the new project in psychiatric hospital

Green Your Mind: Health for us and for the Earth

An innovative volunteering project about mental health A new project started on the 3rd of June in Thessaloniki, founded by the European Solidarity Corps. “GYM: Health for us and for the Earth” is organized by the United Societies of Balkans, in association with the Psychiatric Hospital of Stavroupoli and the Open Therapeutic Community of Argo. […]

Learning foreign languages

Lost in Translation: Mother Tongue Day

Six participants from different countries. Three recipes written in different languages. Three cooking challenges. Will our volunteers be able to cook a traditional dish from another country by only reading instructions written in a language that is not their own? Watch to find it out! The teams: Check Republic vs Ukraine France vs Italy Spain […]

Solidarity Stories | Ep 0 | To Leave Or Not To Leave?

Balkan Hotspot Radio
Balkan Hotspot Radio
Solidarity Stories | Ep 0 | To Leave Or Not To Leave?

I will share a little secret with you: you can volunteer abroad, get out of your comfort zone, learn a new language and live a unique experience…without any cost!How? With the European Solidarity Corps! Join Roberto Gentile’s journey and you will discover what makes this volunteer opportunity different through the fears and joys that arise […]

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