Flavour and Sound from Mediterranean South: Interview with Encardia

From 21 to 23 October, Thessaloniki was tinged with music. The city welcomes accordion lovers for the Reedblocks Thessaloniki Accordion Festival for the fifth year in a row. The program was full of events that saw workshops, conferences and concerts. The accordion met the voice and the music of the duet Klemen and Maria Leben, […]

Tell me how you drink the coffee
and I’ll tell you who you are

Coffee. Without doubts European countries are affected by this culture. Coffee is a pleasure – sometimes a need – that a large number of people claim to be almost dependent. Swiftly consumed at the bar counter. Slowly drank at a bar table for hours. Greece boasts – as well as Turkey and the Balkans – a deeply rooted coffee tradition. Despite the fact that in recent years the fashion of Freddo Cappuccino and Freddo Espresso is depopulated, Greek coffee remains a peculiarity.

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