Second-hand Books, First-hand Experience Dimitra, Bookshop Owner In Thessaloniki

Oktana, a small bookshop in Thessaloniki Located on a street adjacent to Camara, a modest bookshop and its owner await your visit. Hello, can you present yourself? My name is Dimitra, I’m almost 37 years old, I studied film studies at the university. I was a flight attendant for a little bit. Now I do […]

Kherel lounge bar

Kherel lounge Bar Opening in Thessaloniki

Kherel is a new lounge bar that celebrated its opening a few weeks ago in Eleftherios Kordelio. It is a modern meeting and leisure place, created by young users of an association called “The Lighthouse of the World”. The Lighthouse of the Worldis an NGO created in 2004 with the objective of the educational and […]

TiDF encounters – Interview with Jan Baumgartner

During the 25th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival we met Jan Baumgartner and talked with him about his documentary the DNA of Dignity as well as about the work of forensic scientists, the Balkan war and all the emotional stories connected to it. Take a look! Video Editing: Alex Humbert Also check our interviews from the last […]

Climate week

Do you believe in the future of the planet? The people of Ecopolis dream of a planet where humans and all sentient beings will live in peace. A planet where there will be no exploitation of humans and animals.  The social space ECOPOLIS was created with the initiative of the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki and with the […]

Seller for street paper Shedia

A raft in the streets of Greece

On February 15, some of our volunteers participated in “vendors for an hour”, a call for action that the street paper Shedia organizes each year in February. They sold the magazine together with Vaggelis, a seller of Shedia magazine over the past two years.  Don’t you know what a street paper is? A street paper […]

Thess questions Ep. 01

Thess questions is a interview podcast dealing with a variety of topics. It’s all about hearing from different perspectives, in the houses and streets of Thessaloniki. The first episode deals with the topic introversion and extroversion. We will hear the scientific theory behind it, talk about stereotypes and prejudice as well as how it’s also […]

Eleftharias Square, July 1942

The Mother of Israel forgotten in a parking lot  

January 27 marks the anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau. Every year we pay tribute to the memory of the victims of the Holocaust in order not to forget and to reaffirm, today and every day, our determination to oppose anti – Semitism and any other form of intolerance. However, sometimes […]

Action for the protecion of Thessalonikis trees

On Saturday, December 17, a demonstration was held in the square of the Ancient Agora in Thessaloniki. Indeed, the municipality has planned to cut 41 trees in this historic square. According to autopsies, urban tree specialists have repeatedly stated that only a small percentage are at risk of falling and should be cut down. Citizens, […]

Tiff Encounters- Interview with Valentina Maurel

For our last interview from the festival, we met director @valentina_maurel, who came in Thessaloniki to present her beautiful movie “I Have Electric Dreams”. Our volunteer @giovannistanislao talked with her about childhood and adulthood, about the way to become an adult and, of course, her movie and the main character, Eva. Take a look! Interview: Giovanni StanislaoSound: Carolin […]

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