Solidarity Stories | Ep 0 | To Leave Or Not To Leave?

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Solidarity Stories | Ep 0 | To Leave Or Not To Leave?

I will share a little secret with you: you can volunteer abroad, get out of your comfort zone, learn a new language and live a unique experience…without any cost!How? With the European Solidarity Corps! Join Roberto Gentile’s journey and you will discover what makes this volunteer opportunity different through the fears and joys that arise […]

Seven months later, I’m still a Europeanist

The time for goodbyes has come. Seven months with my column has passed, as well as the days of my European Solidarity Corps. In October, when I arrived in Greece, the question was always the same: Why do you want to write about Europe? Here, in the country that has probably seen the fiercest sides […]

Action week against racism 2020

Note: The Action Week Against Racism scheduled to take place from 16th to 22nd of March, has been postponed to May due to COVID-19. As you well know, the Action Week Against Racism is approaching. From 16th to 22nd of March several performances will take place in Europe. For many years we have been standing […]