Simulation of Social Media: Dream or Reality? 

Jean Baudrillard’s simulation theory on virtuality and reality has been the subject of many movies, especially the Matrix Movie. Baudrillard’s world of thought offers a rich background in understanding social media in the context of virtuality and reality. Baudrillard, who examines subjects such as simulation, the mentality of the masses, the other, and seduction in […]

duck syndrome

Duck Syndrome & Social Media: Really are you Happy?

Did you notice people’s perfect lives on social media? In their social media life, everyone is happy, everyone is booming, and everyone is travelling. When you’re sitting on the sofa at home and browsing social media, you see people sharing moments when they feel happy and think they are successful. But are people really what […]


FOMO Sapiens

FOMO – it’s short for the fear of missing out. This acronym describes a feeling most of us have experienced at some point. Feeling left out can cause FOMO, which might happen when people don’t invite you to an event, when you don’t understand an inside joke, you don’t participate in the latest trends, or […]

internet addiction - imagine the world

Imagine the World: Without Internet for 3 Whole Days

How does it sound to imagine a world without the internet? Let me make a few guesses: Dystopian? Medieval? Impossible? Well, for me imagining scenarios is always so interesting. That is why today I will try to collect other people’s opinions and share my ideas on “imagining the world without the internet.” I do not […]

training course

The Polish Diaries: Follow Our Training Experience In Nasutow

From the 10th until the 16th of August, Silvia and I participated in a Training Course in Poland about Social Media support for NGOs, organised by Fundacjia Sempre a Frente. This is a polish organisation born in 2010 and involved in the fields of prevention, psychological education and promotion of active citizenship for young people. […]

Bubbles Internet

The land of the like minded: How social media bubbles drive polarisation

Introduction & short definition Social media makes up an essential part of our life. Every time we log into networks like Instagram, a whole new world opens up that is individually designed and tailored to our interests and needs. But even though we use it so frequently, many people might still be unaware of the […]

world cancer day

Stand Up to Cancer Day

Beauty Standards in our society Without giving it a deeper thought, people have a vision in their heads of what is considered beautiful and what not. There is a term for this – beauty standards. Although this concept has existed for a long time, it’s recently heavily influenced by social media and celebrities. We are […]

Bring it Up! The Cover

Social Media & Us: A Filter on Our Lives?

Balkan Hotspot Radio
Balkan Hotspot Radio
Social Media & Us: A Filter on Our Lives?

Today is the day to take stock of the development of Social Media and the effects that their enhancements bring in our lives. Can we still consider Social Media only as entertaining platforms? Indeed, we can use them to connect with people, from a direct friend request to dating or applying for a job, but what Facebook, Instagram & co. are showing us is that virtual connections hide the same dangers as real life.
Join Sara and Chiara in this extensive discussion on the topic!

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