A history of persecution – Roma in Europe

People fear the unknown. Psychologically and in evolution this phenomenon helped us to survive, but it also promotes discrimination and mistrust. Something Romani people experienced all throughout history, something they experience to this day. Origins According to linguistic investigations, the Romani roots can be found in Northern India. A common misconception is that they loved […]

Kherel lounge bar

Kherel lounge Bar Opening in Thessaloniki

Kherel is a new lounge bar that celebrated its opening a few weeks ago in Eleftherios Kordelio. It is a modern meeting and leisure place, created by young users of an association called “The Lighthouse of the World”. The Lighthouse of the Worldis an NGO created in 2004 with the objective of the educational and […]

Far.Go.Bots – The story of dreams that seemed impossible

The documentary film week in Thessaloniki has ended. In this documentary week, which hosts many life stories, we will examine one of the most impressive films together: Far.Go.Bots… The film talks to us  about an establishment located in the Dentropotamos area, one of the forgotten places of Thessaloniki, Faros Tou Kosmou.… This area is known […]

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