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Tiff Reviews – The Rite of Spring

The movie “The Rite of the Spring”, originally called “La consagración de la primavera”, which I watched at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, was quite impressive. Directed by Fernando Franco and starring Telmo Irureta, Valèria Sorolla, and Emma Suárez, the Spanish-made film is about the developing relationship between David. The movie begins with Laura, who is […]


Humour: A Life Skill that Reveals more than We Think

Dad jokes, Memes, TikToks or funny videos in family chats, what we laugh about is quite different. And even though it may not be something we constantly think about, humour, from its most lighthearted forms to its most absurd ones, greatly impacts our social relations. If two people laugh about similar things, they are more […]

Why Do We Cheat?: Infidelity From the Evolutionary Perspective

Love, sex, and cheat are some of the strongest driving forces in life. They have served as inspiration for some of the finest artworks ever created, modified the course of history, provided us with endless hours of gossip and entertainment, and, most recently, opened a window to the study of the human mind. The human […]

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