Women in Greece

The complicated explanation of an even more complicated question. In the past few decades, every country in the EU has lived a reform of gender roles, especiallywhen it comes to the opportunities and life stories of females. Apparently, women now canhave it all: in 2006 Greek Law 3488/2006 stated that from then on, women are […]

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Inside Eurovision

Balkan Hotspot Radio
Balkan Hotspot Radio
Inside Eurovision

Take a dive with us into the most popular music event worldwide to find out all the secrets of the backstage.

Bringing together more than 40 countries from Europe and beyond, every year Eurovision unites millions of people through music and art. Representing their culture and history, each country performs a unique music show.

But Eurovision is not only about entertainment and glitter. Since the first competition it became a way for contestants to express political, social and cultural issues within their own countries and project the diplomatic relationships with the others.

Enjoy today’s talk with Alex Sanchez!

Golden Dawn’s future analyzed in new short documentary: “Δεν είναι αθωοι -They are not innocent”

I could see it in their eyes, how they put all their hopes in him. Not even in their faces, half hidden by their masks, but the way they were staring at Javed, waiting for a response for all their fears, was revealing. When we first went inside the Union of Immigrants near Omonia, in […]

Protest against the name “Macedonia”

It has been more than a quarter century and there is still no permanent solution for the discussions about the term Macedonia. Obviously, the situation has been getting worse. After the attempts of Zoran Zaev, the new left-wing Prime Minister of the former Yugoslav Republic, joining NATO with the same name as the Northern Greece, the main problem has appeared again: What goes under the identity of the term “Macedonia”?