Looking forward, looking back – a new year’s rhyme

In the Netherlands, it is very common to write rhymes during December. On the 5th of December, we celebrate Sinterklaas, or Saint Nicholas. To younger children, we tell that he comes to bring presents, similar to what people say about Santa Clause in many other countries. Once people grow older, they generally do not believe […]

Swimming between shining stars: Bioluminescence

August 2017, Lefkada Island, Greece, is a very nice night, the stars of the Milky Way are shining and sometimes you can also see falling stars, all is surrounded by the sound of the sea that wave after wave is shaping Pefkoulia beach.

Everything is perfect; at one point the french volunteer “Renaud” that is swimming in the dark water screams “Guys is amazing! Come!”, the answer : “We are busy watching the stars!”, Renaud did not give up and keep saying “Guys come here and you will see how many stars there are in the water!!”

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