Second-hand Books, First-hand Experience Dimitra, Bookshop Owner In Thessaloniki

Oktana, a small bookshop in Thessaloniki Located on a street adjacent to Camara, a modest bookshop and its owner await your visit. Hello, can you present yourself? My name is Dimitra, I’m almost 37 years old, I studied film studies at the university. I was a flight attendant for a little bit. Now I do […]

Climate week

Do you believe in the future of the planet? The people of Ecopolis dream of a planet where humans and all sentient beings will live in peace. A planet where there will be no exploitation of humans and animals.  The social space ECOPOLIS was created with the initiative of the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki and with the […]

lgbtq+ event

lgbtq+and migration: an event by sympraxi

The migration crisis concerns all of us at different scales. Sympraxi, who works on gender issues, organized an event on the 25 January here in Thessaloniki to gather people affected by this topic and talk about it.A documentary was screened to illustrate this theme and also involve an unknown topic in the migration crisis: The […]

European Week of Sport: Be Active!

IT’S TIME TO #BEACTIVE! – that’s the main slogan of the European Week of Sport. This year, it takes place from the 23rd until the 30th of September. The event started to write its history only recently. This year will be the 4th edition of this successful project. Since 2015, this initiative is trying to promote the […]

Thessaloniki Biennále: 6 of Contemporary Art

If you live in Thessaloniki, it is impossible not to have heard about Biennále: 6 of Contemporary Art. It is one of the most successful Art events that, alongside the Thessaloniki International Film Festival (one of the biggest Southeastern Europe’s cinema events), brings thousands of visitors to this promising European city.

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