Tool or trick?

Ten years ago I was studying audiovisual communication at university. During my degree they placed a lot of importance on how we searched for and contrasted our sources of information, but there was one question that was repeated during several exams in different subjects. Is hyper-information good or bad? When studying communication, the first year […]

Simulation of Social Media: Dream or Reality? 

Jean Baudrillard’s simulation theory on virtuality and reality has been the subject of many movies, especially the Matrix Movie. Baudrillard’s world of thought offers a rich background in understanding social media in the context of virtuality and reality. Baudrillard, who examines subjects such as simulation, the mentality of the masses, the other, and seduction in […]

internet addiction - imagine the world

Imagine the World: Without Internet for 3 Whole Days

How does it sound to imagine a world without the internet? Let me make a few guesses: Dystopian? Medieval? Impossible? Well, for me imagining scenarios is always so interesting. That is why today I will try to collect other people’s opinions and share my ideas on “imagining the world without the internet.” I do not […]

Death Stranding: a videogame for the future

The world has come to an end. Society has we know it is just a memory. People fear each other and live isolated, locked up in shelters without any contact with the world outside. No, it’s not a description of life in the post-internet era – the one we live after the rise of social […]

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