Tool or trick?

Ten years ago I was studying audiovisual communication at university. During my degree they placed a lot of importance on how we searched for and contrasted our sources of information, but there was one question that was repeated during several exams in different subjects. Is hyper-information good or bad? When studying communication, the first year […]

artificial intelligence in art

New Era of Art: AI

We are kind of used to developments such as the exhibition of art in different forms and the artists trying new trends. However, developing art creation has recently begun rapidly changing all we know. If you are ready, I am explaining this technology that has already started to lead to significant developments in the history […]

Midnight Marauders #3: Artificial Intelligence

In this new edition of Midnight Marauders, we brought to you our guest Felicia. Together, we shared some of our ideas and concerns about this week’s topic: artificial intelligence. Hence, we reflected on the impact of technologies and artificial intelligence on society and humanity as we know it. Inês and Pablo

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