Random Radio Show #16: Wali.I.am

Balkan Hotspot Radio
Balkan Hotspot Radio
Random Radio Show #16: Wali.I.am

Hot summer brings some bad news. Last episode of our beloved colleague Wali ?Random Radio Show is losing another important member of the team. We will evaluate the Wali’s EVS experience and listen to his favourite music. Join us ?

#ThanksLegend #WaliIam

DJ Benia
DJ Benia

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Guest: Justin Roche
Guest_2: Sacha Bogaers
Interviewer: Agnieszka Trygar
Me: Martin Naništa
DJ: Wali Benia

Post Author: Martin Naništa

Charismatic guy from Slovakia. Incorrect humour included. In love with cycling, hiking, books and freedom. #radioteam #graphics #runner #creative

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