Random Radio Show #11: We don’t know

Balkan Hotspot Radio
Balkan Hotspot Radio
Random Radio Show #11: We don't know

This episode of Random Radio Show will be very special. It’s short – like our lives here on this planet (because we don’t recycle enough) and funny more than anything else you can imagine ?Life stories will mix with life wisdoms and stuff like that ?So find yourself a comfortable place and dive into this lovely podcast ?Enjoy ?

No clue
Empty mind, open heart

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Tomato: Agnieszka Trygar 
A bit of Sacha: Sacha Bogaers
Irene without Amigos: Irene Cortés del Moral
Chorizo: Martin Naništa

Post Author: Martin Naništa

Charismatic guy from Slovakia. Incorrect humour included. In love with cycling, hiking, books and freedom. #radioteam #graphics #runner #creative

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