Photo gallery: Narrating Emotions, a Common Ground across Borders

Giusy Carfora

The photo gallery: Narrating Emotions, a Common Ground across Borders, of Giusy Carfora is a collection of street photographs taken in different countries: Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. The photos narrate emotions that show we are all humans, all connected and not divided by imaginary borders.

“Are the feelings that unite us across borders. Emotions move the world and turn the engine of history, determining our decisions or actions.

Emotional education and learning to identify and understand what one feels could be a valuable antidote to all those emotions acted out in destructive and violent ways: who can recognize and know what they think can manage them more easily.

Suppose our communication is, for the most significant per cent, visual. In that case, shapes and colors become, in addition to words, ideal tools for conveying and expressing with more awareness the emotions one feels.

Words never seem to be enough to describe a feeling or an ’emotion that lives inside us, so we visualize what, beyond the imaginary boundaries of nations, makes us alive: States of mind.”

Peaceful sleep
Peaceful sleep
Photo gallery emotions in yphanet
Flying in yphanet
Lady with a fur coat
Lady with a fur coat
Photo gallery emotions, boys tossing stones in the sea
Boys tossing stones in the sea
Photo gallery emotions, close the chasm
Close to the chasm
Photo gallery emotions, a strong woman
A strong woman

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