People, not Stereotypes

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People, not Stereotypes
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Episode 13:

It’s a fact: as human beings, we tend to categorise all that happens in our life. This includes objects, experiences, and people. For this reason, a series of questions arises: why do we tend to generalise? Why stereotypes play such a huge role in shaping a community? And why it takes so much time to go get rid of them?

In this episode, you will hear the opinions and experiences of Laurynas, Livia, and Filippo, our colleague volunteers, while Ourania, as a social psychologist, will share with us some knowledge and parameters to understand better what stands behind a stereotype.

We are living a historical moment which is also a great opportunity to review the stereotypes we inherited with the hope of adopting a more inclusive and open attitude towards the other.

Here’s the image Ourania talks about during her intervention (49:18​):

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