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Oikopolis with Verena Fink

In this episode, we interviewed Verena Fink from Oikopolis a non-governmental organization in Thessaloniki. Talking about climate refugees and the association.

Climate refugees are not the people who are running from an oppressive government neither a war but they flew because of climate change. In a report released on Monday 13 of September, World Bank experts note the “urgency to act” as “livelihoods and human well-being are increasingly strained.” 

  • “It estimates that 216 million people are at risk of becoming climate refugees by 2050.

“The estimated number could be higher since the World Bank does not count migrants from North America, rich countries in Europe, or even the Middle East, where climate disasters are raging.”Science is clear there is a strong link between climate change and climate refugees. 
What can we do to help? You can contact Oikopolis and ask how can you volunteer with them, according to your possibility and their needs. Second, you can give also some clothes, books, menstruation products, baby products, etc…There is also the possibility to support Oikopolis financially.
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