New beginnings: What about the new volunteers?

Balkan Hotspot Radio
Balkan Hotspot Radio
New beginnings: What about the new volunteers?

A new period is coming. It’s a time for students to seriously start their studies. The weather changes to a colder one. This is the time of change. Also changes in United Societies of Balkans (USB), and Balkan Hotspot. A few new volunteers are now working on this project. We would like to present them and tell you a short story about the first impressions of working in Balkan Hotspot, living in a new place with previously unknown people and the city. Enjoy it!

New volunteers in Patras

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The following people made this episode of New beginnings:
Host/editing: Agnieszka Trygar and Wali Benia
Guests: Martin Naništa, Marleen Muts, Umberto Zeverini, Margarida Andresen

Post Author: Wali Benia

Wali Benia, French guy, 25 years old, 9 months in greece. I am basically interested in culture (literature, cinéma, music), sports (especially Boxing) and underground culture (hip hop music, breakdance...).

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