Music Odyssey: Tenderness in Music

Balkan Hotspot Radio
Balkan Hotspot Radio
Music Odyssey: Tenderness in Music

How tender can music get? If you would like to find out, check out this podcast of Music Odyssey … 🙂

picture of cat nose for music odyssey

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This episode of Music Odyssey was made by the following people:
Host: Filip Grác
Co-host: Liam Jochems
Presenter: Berengere Barbier
Sound technician: Arno Dengel

Post Author: Filip Grác

I am 30 years old traveller and art-lover from Slovakia, staying in Greece throughout the whole year of 2018. My main interests are nature (of reality), board gaming, music and visual arts. Thus I love to report mainly about the local cultural events and writing interviews. Since the beginning of May 2018, I was also appointed as one of the editors-in-chief for our lovely blog bubble.

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