Isea with Nikolaos Doumpas

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Isea with Nikolaos Doumpas

In this episode, we interviewed Nikolaos Doumpas from Isea a non-governmental organization in Thessaloniki. We discussed about climate change, plastic pollution, Aquatic Litter and the association.

They have 4 main projects “that contribute to the assessment of the state of aquatic ecosystems”.

  • Vulnerable species
  • Citizen science
  • Human and Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Aquatic Litter

Nikolaos Doumpas is the coordinator of one of these projects:  Aquatic Litter.What can we do to help?You can contact Isea at and ask how can you volunteer with them. Recommendations to go further:

  • Book:  Swarm Franck Schatzing
  • Documentary: Seaspiracy Nextflix

References :

  • Isea website
  • Facebook Isea
  • Instagram Isea
  • Adress: Κρήτης 12 546 45 Thessalonique, Grèce
  • Thank you to Nikolaos Doumpas for his time.
  • Thank you to Anna-Maria Żukowska for the name of the podcast
  • Thank you to Daniel Blesa Sala for the Logo

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