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Inside Eurovision
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Episode 12:

After being held for the first time in 1956, the Eurovision song contest became one of the biggest music contests all over the world. The aim was to bring European countries back together after the second World War left a big scar in between their relationships.

Bringing together more than 40 countries from Europe and beyond, every year Eurovision unites millions of people through music and art. Representing their culture and history, each country performs a unique music show.

But Eurovision is not only about entertainment and glitter. Since the first competition it became a way for contestants to express political, social and cultural issues within their own countries and project the diplomatic relationships with the others.

Take a dive with us into the most popular music event worldwide to find out all the secrets of the backstage.
Enjoy today’s talk with Alex Sanchez!

P.s: Curious to listen to the songs we mentioned during the episode? Here’s the playlist from Spotify!

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