Green Week Festival Thessaloniki

First edition of In Art Green Week Festival in Thessaloniki

From the 13th to the 17th of May 2019, ΦΙΞ in Art is hosting the In Art Green Week Festival”, in partnership with #EUGreenWeek and promoted by EFFE.

The main goal is to make people (kids and adults) more aware of environmental issues. They also want to promote a more balanced relationship between humans and nature. For this, ΦΙΞ in Art is working together with organisations working with environmental issues.

Ashtray made of aluminum cans

Every day there is a comprehensive program on environmental protection and how humans can improve our natural environment. Throughout the week, schools are visiting ΦΙΞ in Art for workshops specifically for them, including recycling, making my own paper from scrap, and discussions. In the afternoon individual visitors also have lots of choices: Clothes Remodeling Workshop, Workshop: Beekeeping – Presentation, Workshop: The Children Design the City of their Dreams, Make your own! Deodorant, laundry detergent and hand soap self-production workshop and much much more.

A car made of aluminum cans and cardboard by the workshop participant

All day you have opportunity to :
Make Swap Not Shop! (exchange of clothes), Photography exhibition of works selected through an open call, social kitchen at food stations where the goal is to promote a healthy diet and that no food should be wasted in any case (Mission zero food waste).


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