GreenWave Festival 2022

‘They have deprived us of hope, solidarity, prosperity, happiness, freedom, ecological balance, they have deprived us of alternatives for another society.’ – GreenWave Festival 2022

GreenWave Festival Poster

Higher temperatures, loss of forests and wildlife, air pollution, more frequent wildfires, extreme weather conditions… The earth is experiencing unparalleled degradation due to decades of neoliberal policies, disjointed from people and the environment.

Now, the youngest generations bare the weight on their shoulders of preserving our planet in a context of general crisis. An entire generation will face the biggest challenge of our time under economic, energy, public health, insecurity, alienation and unemployment crises.

It is time to stand for our values and get our lives back. We need to strive for a greener and prosperous world, where freedom, justice and democracy make the foundations of society. So, let’s come together at the Ecological Festival Greenwave to raise our voices for the planet and share our ideas for a responsible green transition.

GreenWave 2022′ program

After three years, the Greenwave Festival is back to continue to host dozens of collectives, products, artists and ideas, leading the creation of a fairer, greener world right at the heart of Thessaloniki. So, join us at the ANTH (YMCA) Municipal Park and spread our message of hope for a better future!

Thursday 15.09

18.30 – 19.30 | Save The Food, Fight Against Hunger | Fix in Art (Solidarity Project)
Open discussion event implemented by the team ‘Together we are strong’, under the European Solidarity Corps.
Language: EN

19.00 – 21.00 | Democracy and Rights in Crisis
An attempt to trace the causes that (re)produce inequality, insecurity, and dysfunctional democracy deeply regarding human rights.

19.00 – 21.00 | Energy crisis | Nuclear threat | Alternatives
Colloquy about the energy crisis, nuclear threat and alternatives for a safer planet.

19.30-20.30 | Peruvolariades
Presentation of the group ‘Peruvolariades’, which has been dealing with the whole food cycle for the past eight years.
Discussion about their actions, the relationships of trust created inside and outside the group, and their glimpses into the future after they visited social & solidarity cooperative housing projects in Germany.

Friday 16.09

18.30 – 19.30 | Fridays For Future Thessaloniki
Talk presenting a brief history of the movement globally and in Greece. It will also cover the achievements of the Fridays For Future movement to the date and the reasons why it has become so popular in today’s world.

19.00 – 21.00 | Designing Green Cities
How do we green our cities? How do we make them climate neutral, affordable, smart, sustainable, inclusive, and youth and diversity-friendly?

19.00 – 21.00 | Female Infanticide: the ‘Crowning Glory’ of Gender-Based Violence
Discussion about the impact of justice and educational institutions on the feminist movements and how to dismantle a patriarchal culture and gender violence.

19.30 – 20.30 | Animal Rescue and Defence Squad
Guidelines on how to help an injured animal until it is handed over to a competent body.

Saturday 17.09

18.30 – 19.30 | Climate Save Thessaloniki (Save Movement)
‘Can you be ecologically conscious without being vegan? What is the impact of animal husbandry on the ecosystem?’
Discussion on the connection between our eating habits and the environment.

19.00 – 21.00 | 40 Years of the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki
The Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki celebrates its 40th anniversary! Visualisation of documents and testimonies remembering the most important moments of the organisation, proving that with patience and perseverance, another world is possible!

19.00 – 21.00 | Energy Communities | A Green Energy in the Hands of Citizens
Energy Community is an autonomous association of people cooperating to satisfy their aspirations of clean energy through a jointly owned and collectively managed open enterprise.
Talk about the protection of the environment and the coverage of energy needs.

19.30 – 20.30 | KALLISTO
Presentation of the actions implemented by the environmental organization KALLISTO in the Region of Western Macedonia to reduce road mortality of wildlife species such as the brown bear.

60′ Green Point | Presentations of organisations


Thursday 15.09

  • Percussion (street percussion band)
  • Celestial Echoes (tribute to Pink Floyd)
  • Pigs in Space (Greek rock)
  • So Dizzy (British rock)

Friday 16.09

  • Studio Flamenco Pellizco (flamenco)
  • Angels of Tsitsanis (rebetika)
  • Vasso Vasso Vassiliadou (traditional – Smyrnica)
  • Loudias (Greek rock)

Saturday 17.09

  • Swing Academy (swing)
  • Arampatzis (Greek rock)
  • Aliberta (traditional – Cretan)
  • Coconaut Rockers (Balkan)


Thursday 15.09

18.30 – 20.30 Sofoklis goes Greenwave
Craft making with a Greenwave theme inspired by the graphic designer Sofoklis Abatzidis.

Friday 16.09

18.30 – 19.30 Percussion
Percussion workshop for children.
Music for cultivating perception, entertainment, teamwork and especially the development of personality with Kruistophon.

19.30 – 20.30 ZO.E.S. The Kingdom of Unaccompanied Animals in the New Environment!
Educational interactive program with Katerina Papapostolou, animal educator and therapist, and author & founder of ZO.E.S.

Saturday 17.09

18.30 – 19.30 Pencil Publications With the ‘Power’ of seeds! Young farmers in action
The creators of the educational program BOTANA & AROFAMES will introduce the life cycle of fruits and vegetables to kids.

19.30 – 20.30 ‘Happy Corn’
Ecological construction game with a raw material based on organically grown corn starch.


Thursday to Saturday.

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