Episode 12: Greek Progressive Rock (special)

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Episode 12: Greek Progressive Rock (special)
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Αγάπη, Τσίπουρο, Μπουζούκι & Roll went psychedelic! That’s right Dear Listeners, we are about to land in the planet of Greek Progressive Rock. This musical genre initiated in the United Kingdom during the mid 60s. It flourished between the creation of the first synthesizers and a period of great political turmoil. It brought Rock music to its apex of creativity, and laid roots for Jazz Fusion and Electronic music to develop. The movement spread a bit all around Europe, and of course Greece was no exception, despite being under the censorship of a military government! In this musical adventure, participate renowed figures, such as Vangelis, Demis Roussos, Mariza Koch, Savvopoulos, Pavlos Sidiropoulos, and Panoussis. To guide us into the experimental landscapes of Greek Progressive Rock, we will count with Απόστολος Θεοφανίδης!

Song list (by order of appearance):

1. Arabas Perna, by Mariza Koch

2. The Lamb, by Aphrodite’s Child

3.  Μαύρη θάλασσα [excerpt], by Διονύσης Σαββόπουλος (Black Sea)

4. Το Πανηγύρι [excerpt], by Triandafyllidis (The Fair)

5. Time of Pain + The Mountains [excerpt], by Socrates Drank the Conium

6. Το Ονείρο, by Ακρίτας (The Dream)

7. The Planet Vavoura, by Axis

8. Η ώρα του Stuff by, Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος (Time for the Stuff)

9. Elenaki [excerpt], by Darnakes

10. Pulstar, by Vangelis

Additional material for extra-curious listeners:

Bonus tracks:


List with Greek Progressive Rock bands

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