Episode 10: Μακεδονικά (Central-West Macedonia)

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Episode 10: Μακεδονικά (Central-West Macedonia)
Traditional Greek Music Radio Podcast

Αγάπη, Τσίπουρο, Μπουζούκι & Roll doesn’t cease to travel! This time, the Dear Listeners are invited to get to know the brass wonders hiden in the Μακεδονικά traditional music of Central-West Macedonia. Land of many empires, notably the one built by Alexandre The Great, and with a very rich history, Macedonia was a beloved tresure for the Hellenic, the Romans, the Byzantine, the Slavs, the crusaders, the Ottomans, and the Hebrews! It was also the home of many Greek refugees – so the Dear Listeners might need a map to navigate within all this cultural diversity. Still, to make sure you never get lost, we can count with the guidance of Σίμος Ντίνης, from Χάλκινα Ηχοχρώματα!

Μακεδονικά traditional costumes:

Song list (by order of appearance):

1. Κρίβο, by Χάλκινα Ηχοχρώματα

2. Πουστσένο, by Μπάντα της Φλώρινας των Aδερφών Βαλκάνη

3.  Stojne le mlada nevesto, by Vaska Ilieva

4. Ουσαμνάτο, by Χάλκινα Ηχοχρώματα

5. Συρτά Μακεδονίας, by Πεντάηχον

6. Makedonsko devojče, by Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra

7. Ζάραμο-Χασαπιά, by Χοροστάσιο

8. Ντάφινο Βίνο – Πουστσένο by, Oρχήστρα Xάλκινων του Δημήτρη Παράσχου

9. Μπαϊντούσκινο, by Χάλκινα Ηχοχρώματα

10. Unexpected ethnographic live performance, by Σίμος Ντίνης

Additional material for extra-curious listeners:

Traditional dances from Central-West Macedonia:
Bonus tracks:

Other episodes:

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