Dance Camp at the Street Art festival

by Samrah Botsy

On 9th,10th and 11th of June the SAF was honoured to host Anthony Lee from the USA, the EZ twins from Slovenia, Duc Anh Tran from Hungary and Kenzo Alvares from the Netherland. Some of the best dancers in the world.

During these three days, they gave dance classes from 11 am to 9 pm and it was intense! They performed and showed their talents and as always, everybody was in love and impressed by their original and dynamic performances.

The aim of the dance camp was to teach some choreographies to people who paid and subscribed for the class. The only thing that we can say about these classes is “AMAZING!”

Amazing not only because of the famous teachers but also because of the participants. All of them were very serious and implicate, we assisted at a real show. Even if some moves were difficult, they didn’t give up, and the teachers were there to help them and repeat it to them again.

The most beautiful thing was to see the teachers taking courses of the other teachers. They didn’t just give their classes; they also participate in the other class as students and learned choreographies from the others. We could feel the real passion and the real love of dance and that was beautiful.

At the end of the camp SAF has organized a party with all the students and teachers, to celebrate the end of the festival and the end of the dance camp.

Good music during all these three days, good atmosphere and very nice and kind people. It was a real pleasure for us to be a part of this project and of this camp.

Thanks to the Street Art Festival for giving us the chance to participate in all of this and thanks to the dancers and participants of this camp for the good mood and the kindness.

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