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“Become a Joyful Sun of Happiness” – My Experience with Buddhist Faith

I have to be honest, when I was asked to talk about my experience with Faith, a mixture of questions and doubts arose within me, tangling like a cotton wire. I could not find a central point, I could not understand where to start and where to end, how could I give a meaning to […]

LA BELLA ITALIA: Exploring the Most Beautiful Cities

Going abroad, travelling and visiting different cities is the dream of many of us. What we often need to realise this dream is time…One of the most beautiful opportunities of volunteering in Europe is the time you have to travel. While doing Erasmus, you have enough time to suddenly make a plan and travel to […]

training course

The Polish Diaries: Follow Our Training Experience In Nasutow

From the 10th until the 16th of August, Silvia and I participated in a Training Course in Poland about Social Media support for NGOs, organised by Fundacjia Sempre a Frente. This is a polish organisation born in 2010 and involved in the fields of prevention, psychological education and promotion of active citizenship for young people. […]

storytelling in Dendropotamos

Storytelling in Dendropotamos

On June 24th 2022, volunteers from various projects hosted by “United Societies of Balkans”, joined volunteers from “Faros tou Kosmou” to carry out an intercultural story exchange activity. At the 3rd Intercultural Primary School of Menemeni – 3º Διαπολιτισμικό Δημοτικό σχολείο Μενεμένης – KDAP/Activity Centre, in Dendropotamos, we gathered in the music and reading room, […]

football session

Mental Health and Sport: Football Session in Stravoupoli

On the 5th of July, our volunteers with some patients of the Open Therapeutical Community organized a football match in the Psychiatrical Hospital of Stavroupoli. Through a sports activity, they connected and enriched each other.This is the video that summarizes the afternoon together!

The Winter Blues: Occasional mood swings, or something more serious?

 The arrival of winter in Northern countries is not a simple case. As days are getting shorter and the sunlight is decreasing at a very fast rate, to the point where the day lasts less than six hours in some areas, many people are experiencing what is called “the winter blues”. This weather condition heavily […]

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