ESC deaf

Simona’s experience: ESC when you are deaf

There are no special people, everyone is unique and special and An European Solidarity Corps project is an opportunity for everyone! One of our former volunteers is a proof of this.Despite the fact that she is deaf and that at the beginning it was complicated, she managed to integrate, find a way to communicate and […]

My Second Home is Bolu Youth Center Youth Centers located in Turkey are centres that organize artistic, social, cultural and educational activities, historical and cultural trips, camps and sports activities. Their purpose is to help young people evaluate their free time and direct young people to social, cultural, artistic and sporting activities. Also they contribute to the development of young people, […]

Sofia trip

Trip to Sofia – travel on a budget

As volunteers, we love to travel. It’s great to travel with other young people and discover new places. Here in Greece, there are a lot of places to see in the and near country, and if we could, we would travel every weekend. The only thing stopping most of us from doing precisely that is […]

THE RED FLAT PROJECT: Explore Everyday Life in Communist Bulgaria

If you plan to visit Sofia, it is quite possible to come across the effects of the communist regime in Bulgaria on the streets. You can see the communist history of Bulgaria, the pros and cons of the period, and the artifacts from that period. But have you ever wondered what the life of a […]

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