Solidarity Stories | Special Episode: We Are All Involved

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Solidarity Stories | Special Episode: We Are All Involved

On 24th of February, history, with its merciless violence, opened the door to war in Europe. I cannot pretend not to see what is happening. I cannot pretend not to hear. But I’m afraid to take a stand because I’m afraid not to understand the reality. I’m afraid to take a stand from my privileged […]

Marie Curie – Portrait

Marie Curie, born Maria Salomea Skłodowska, was born in Poland, November 7, 1867 in Varsovie. She grew up under the Russian occupation. Her father was a mathematics teacher and her mother a school teacher. She was a Polish and naturalized French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. She was the first woman […]

Why are you such a feminist?

I was having a conversation about women’s rights with three other people. They were girls, and one of them (the annoying one) suddenly asked me “Giovanni, why are you such a feminist?” This question surprised me, I never thought of myself as a feminist and in that occasion, I couldn’t find the right words or […]

A walk for peace

We believe in peace . We believe in love. We believe that everything can be solved with dialogue.We firmly stand with the victims of the war. Every war. For this reason, Balkan Hotspot decided to start a solidarity campaign. On February 26 we held, along with our partner organizations, a Walk for Peace. All our […]

Repression of the Uighur

Torture, disappearances, forced labor, rehabilitation of children and adults, mass sterilization, widespread surveillance, destruction of heritage… For several years, the Chinese government has been accused of serious attacks on the individual freedoms of Uighurs. Who are the Uighurs?                                  Uighurs are Turkish-speaking people with a Sunni Muslim majority. They are based in the Xinjiang province, a […]

Atatürk: Father of Freedom and Independence

The picture that you can see above is standard equipment in every law office, public school and sometimes even houses in the state of Turkey. Every year on November 10th, you can still see people crying on the streets and being in a state of mourning for the whole day. He was given the name […]

Thessaloniki Pride 2021

How to be gay in Thessaloniki

Being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community is not easy. That’s a fact. Right now, in the 21st century, there are still 69 countries that have laws that criminalise homosexuality. In four countries being gay can even mean death on a completely legal basis (Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan). Still, there are places in the […]

Story from a concentration camp

“The last thing I remember before we left was when my mother was taking me from our place to our grandparents’ ”, Martha Alsenz tells the story of her family during the deportations. She was leaving in Berlin with her parents, Ruth and Joachim, her older sister Jette and her little brother Samuel, 5 years […]