Vandana Shiva – Portrait

Vandana Shiva, is born in Dehradun, India in 1952 she’s well-known as a physicist and a strong advocate for the environment. She is the founder and director of the Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Natural Resource Policy. She is also one of the leaders and board members of the International Forum on Globalization. Portrait […]

Mother Earth Day 2022 in Thessaloniki – Cleaning Activity in “Axios Delta”

On 22 April, people unite to celebrate International Mother Earth Day. It is a common celebration for humans, other living species and the planet we live on together. The day is to focus on creating a cleaner world.  For Mother Earth Day, our volunteers organized the cleaning activity at “Axios Delta” in Kalochori. Last weekend […]

The environmental impact of the jewelry industry.

Pieces of jewelry are unique, aesthetic, precious, personal they have a history, we cherish them. Sometimes they symbolize the love of someone, sometimes it’s just because of their beauty. I’m personally fascinated by the work and the amount of hours behind a ring or necklace. It’s always a piece of art. However, what’s the environmental […]

Isea with Nikolaos Doumpas

Balkan Hotspot Radio
Balkan Hotspot Radio
Isea with Nikolaos Doumpas

In this episode, we interviewed Nikolaos Doumpas from Isea a non-governmental organization in Thessaloniki. We discussed about climate change, plastic pollution, Aquatic Litter and the association. They have 4 main projects “that contribute to the assessment of the state of aquatic ecosystems”. Vulnerable species Citizen science Human and Aquatic Ecosystems Aquatic Litter Nikolaos Doumpas is […]

Climate change is not gender-neutral.

Wildfires, floods, sea level rise, droughts, food insecurity, climate refugees and so much more. All of this is a direct consequence of global warming, but we can still make a difference. We first have to understand the world to be able to change it. Let’s talk about climate change first. There are two types of […]

FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE in Thessaloniki

Friday is a great day, not just because it‘s the start of the weekend, but also because it is the day when people from all kinds of backgrounds unite in order to protest for sustainable climate policies. This Friday, the 24th of September, the “Fridays For Future” movement was at one of its peaks when […]

Wildfires from a firefighter’s perspective

Due to climate change and the carelessness of people, many parts of the Earth have been plagued by record-breaking fires this year, the worst in history. The fight with this element lasted for weeks and caused enormous, irreversible damage. Greece is one of those countries where hectares of forests have burned, thousands of animals have […]