Why gender is a social construct

The myth that there are only two genders is still widely believed, the binary division of gender defines our lives. In the traditional nuclear family, consisting of father, mother and children, the father is supposed to be the primary breadwinner, while the mother spends most of her time at home doing housework. Conservatives try to […]

A history of persecution – Roma in Europe

People fear the unknown. Psychologically and in evolution this phenomenon helped us to survive, but it also promotes discrimination and mistrust. Something Romani people experienced all throughout history, something they experience to this day. Origins According to linguistic investigations, the Romani roots can be found in Northern India. A common misconception is that they loved […]

Is it possible to overcome stereotypes and prejudices?

Are stereotypes that harmful for us? Keeping in mind, the various stimuli we receive every day and the plethora of social interactions we face during our lifetime, stereotypes are mandatory for the simplification of our social world. In their first scientific description by Lippman (1922), stereotypes were considered simplified mental images, that worked as a […]

Frontex – how the EU funds human rights violations

The consequences of Europe’s border policies make it to the headlines almost daily: migrants drowning in the Aegean, being tortured by the Libyan coast guard or living in refugee camps for months under inhumane conditions. The European Union claims that “Human rights are at the heart of EU relations with other countries and regions” and […]

Irida Women’s Centre

Irida is a nonprofit organization that empowers economically and socially vulnerable women to become active members of society and fulfill their goals and aspirations. In women-led community center, women can find the support they need to address challenges, find solutions and achieve positive change. Through casework, protection, legal, psychosocial support and employability services, women find […]

Facing the Flames: Wildfires Ravage Greece and Europe – A Comprehensive Guide on Fire Safety and Preparedness

In recent years the number of forest fires has significantly increased, especially in the summer season; scientists say it is a result of climate change caused by human activity. Nearly 660,000 hectares (1,630,000 acres) of land have been ravaged by the blazes between January 1 and August 13 2022, figures from the European Forest Fire […]

lockdown and mental health

Wasn’t the lockdown supposed to protect people?

Since 2019 the topic that people used to worry about the most was how to escape from COVID-19, so governments began ordering lockdowns. However many studies confirm that lockdown and mental health issues are strictly related. In fact, it caused the development of psychological diseases, eating disorders, premature aging of the adolescent brain, increasing of […]

trans gender violence

In Remembrance of Anna: A Trans Woman Lost

On Monday, July 10th, a trans woman by the name of Anna Ivankova was found brutally murdered in her apartment in Agios Panteleimon, Athens. The intersections of Anna’s identity – trans gender and refugee – made her vulnerable to discrimination. A performer in clubs such as Koukles and active figure in the Athens LGBT+ scene, […]

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