The both side of aegean -Rebetika

Second Episode of The Both Side of Aegean – REBETIKA

In this episode, we will talk about how the musicians who migrated from Anatolia to Greece in this period influenced the culture of music in Piraeus, Athens and Thessaloniki in the formation of rebetiko. Today, We will focus on Vangeliz Papazoğlu, one of the most important rebetiko artists of the period, and Rosa Eskenazi, one […]

First Episode of The Both Side of Aegean – REBETİKA

What was special about the Rebetika song?Rebetika is a musical genre that turns into a cultural heritage element from the music of a marginalized group, as a lifestyle, a subculture and a life perspective. Rebetika can be defined as the musical state of life. Sometimes a sweet however often bitter kind of music. The lyrics […]

Teaser Trailer of The Both Side of Aegean – REBETİKA

Rebetika was the music of the Greek underground. The lyrics reflected their surroundings, poverty, pain, drug addiction, police oppression, prison, unrequited love, betrayal and hashish. It’s the lifestyle and perspective of a subculture stretching from Asia Minor to Greece, from Smyrna to Piraeus… The aim of the program is to introduce the rebetika artists who […]

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