Balkan Beats 45 - Volunteers Life

Balkan Beats 45 – Volunteers’ Life

By engaging in volunteer projects, individuals are exposed to different cultures, traditions, and perspectives, which challenge stereotypes and cultivate mutual respect. In Balkan Beats 45 – Volunteers’ Life we try to present this powerful tool that allows people to break down cultural barriers, to foster empathy, and to promote dialogue among diverse communities.  Volunteering is […]


Photo gallery: Narrating Emotions, a Common Ground across Borders

Giusy Carfora The photo gallery: Narrating Emotions, a Common Ground across Borders, of Giusy Carfora is a collection of street photographs taken in different countries: Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. The photos narrate emotions that show we are all humans, all connected and not divided by imaginary borders. “Are the feelings that unite us across borders. […]

Sysiphos: A trial

First ThessFringe Festival – Four Performances

A Photo Gallery from the ThessFringe Festival by Maxime Ricaud Sysiphos: A trial The Room of Our Childhood Camgirl Chronicles Read here our interview with the creator and performer of Camgirl Chronicles, Maud Madlyn & Andrés Montes Zuluaga! Anastasis kats

ESC deaf

Simona’s experience: how to apprehend and live an ESC when you are deaf?

There are no special people, everyone is unique and special! An European Solidarity Corps project is an opportunity for everyone! One of our former volunteers is a proof of this.Despite the fact that she is deaf and that at the beginning it was complicated, she managed to integrate, find a way to communicate and live […]

Thess with a budget

A fun day in Thessaloniki with a budget (maybe)

Come on our tour of Thessaloniki with a little budget! Ezgi and Elena, two of our volunteers from Balkan Hotspot, will take you on a tour through the city. Including the most important sights/monuments: Rotonda, Anopoli castle etc. Fun activities: cute coffee shops, museums, nice places and much more. Everything you must see and do […]

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