Corfu’s Easter: A Vibrant Celebration of Faith, Food, and Fireworks

Easter is one of the most important religious holidays of the Orthodox Church in Greece. And nowhere is this more evident than on the island of Corfu. Every year the Corfiots celebrate Easter with unique customs and traditions that people pass down from generation to generation. The traditions are even bigger, more pious and more […]

Volunteers are in Samothraki

Samothraki: The Mysterious Island of the Great Gods

Samothraki is the place to go when looking for a different trip than the other Greek island vacation. This island is a unique, mysterious island as they say it is a very special place. The Sanctuary of the Great Gods and Winged Victory is the main ancient area of the island.  If you are tired […]


A Paradise Suddenly – Discovering Vourvourou With Our Little Vlog

In eastern Sithonia is situated a little village named Vourvourou, well known for its natural beauty and nine little islands. The crystalline sea and the unpolluted nature fascinated our volunteers during their weekend.Look at the video that they realised for us. Enjoy! Video Credits: Gaia Orlando


Meteora: Exploring The Fascinating Place In Greece

If you live in Thessaloniki and want to explore interesting places nearby for the weekend, Meteora is one of them. Its name means “suspended in the air” once you have visited the area, you will understand how that came about. Meteora is located near the town of Kalambaka in the northern part of Greece. Meteora […]

„One hour of pure adrenaline.“

“One hour of pure adrenaline.”This is how Anastasiia describes her first time on air for a radio broadcast. Let’s take a step back: On Saturday 12th of February, Julien, Michelle, Anastasiia, Stephan and Roberto – all of them are volunteering for Balkan Hotspot – left for Serres. The reason? Well, every year, on 13th of […]

Christmas and New Year traditions in Greece

Greece has many customs and traditions related to Christmas and New Year. Many of these are common throughout the country, but many others are local and little known. Although the celebration of Christmas has been heavily influenced in terms of decoration and gastronomy by Western countries, Greeks remain quite faithful to certain traditions, such as kalanta (Christmas carols), the […]

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