„One hour of pure adrenaline.“

“One hour of pure adrenaline.”This is how Anastasiia describes her first time on air for a radio broadcast. Let’s take a step back: On Saturday 12th of February, Julien, Michelle, Anastasiia, Stephan and Roberto – all of them are volunteering for Balkan Hotspot – left for Serres. The reason? Well, every year, on 13th of […]

Christmas and New Year traditions in Greece

Greece has many customs and traditions related to Christmas and New Year. Many of these are common throughout the country, but many others are local and little known. Although the celebration of Christmas has been heavily influenced in terms of decoration and gastronomy by Western countries, Greeks remain quite faithful to certain traditions, such as kalanta (Christmas carols), the […]



There’s a double-headed eagle on one side and, on the other, there’s the God of War. This isn’t a Greek legend I’m talking about; it’s a football match. This is more than a regular football match for the people of Thessaloniki. It’s their passion to be victorious, one of the special moments they’ve been looking […]

Women in Greece

The complicated explanation of an even more complicated question. In the past few decades, every country in the EU has lived a reform of gender roles, especiallywhen it comes to the opportunities and life stories of females. Apparently, women now canhave it all: in 2006 Greek Law 3488/2006 stated that from then on, women are […]

Bisexual love in ancient Greece

Everything you need to know about the gay culture in ancient Greece We learn about ancient Greece but nothing about the different Bisexual or Homosexual traditions that also existed in ancient Greece. Did you know, for example, that Alexander the great had several male lovers? Is the cutting out of this information just a sign […]

Will bars and tavernas survive in Greece?

It’s been more than three months since Greek bars and tavernas had to close their businesses after the second wave of Covid-19 pandemic hit hard in Thessaloniki, Greece. In a country where 1 million people are estimated to work in the foodservice industry, these tough restrictions are having a big economic impact on the owners’ […]

Bi Visibility Day: celebrating sexual diversity

Today it is Bi Visibility Day, also known as International Celebrate Bisexuality Day. The day was established in 1999 and takes place every year on the 23rd of September. The day is used to make bisexual people more visible and to celebrate the bisexual community. In this article, I discuss the history of this day and why it is important.