Women in Greece

The complicated explanation of an even more complicated question. In the past few decades, every country in the EU has lived a reform of gender roles, especiallywhen it comes to the opportunities and life stories of females. Apparently, women now canhave it all: in 2006 Greek Law 3488/2006 stated that from then on, women are […]

Climate change is not gender-neutral.

Wildfires, floods, sea level rise, droughts, food insecurity, climate refugees and so much more. All of this is a direct consequence of global warming, but we can still make a difference. We first have to understand the world to be able to change it. Let’s talk about climate change first. There are two types of […]

A Spanish animation film related to mental health

It is said that “whatever is perceived as real may be real in its consequences”. This claim is -I believe- strongly related to mental health and I cannot easily think of other such insightful and profound phrases. The thing is that every single individual is unique and, whereas we may know a lot about the […]

FRIDAYS FOR FUTURE in Thessaloniki

Friday is a great day, not just because it‘s the start of the weekend, but also because it is the day when people from all kinds of backgrounds unite in order to protest for sustainable climate policies. This Friday, the 24th of September, the “Fridays For Future” movement was at one of its peaks when […]


It is impossible to walk around Thessaloniki and to not realize that the city has a significantnumber of cats on the streets. Despite their living on the street in freedom, the city of Thessaloniki and its citizens are connected with the stray cats they coexist with. Are the kitties that we see in Greece stray cats? Yes, most cats that […]

Wildfires from a firefighter’s perspective

Due to climate change and the carelessness of people, many parts of the Earth have been plagued by record-breaking fires this year, the worst in history. The fight with this element lasted for weeks and caused enormous, irreversible damage. Greece is one of those countries where hectares of forests have burned, thousands of animals have […]

Thessaloniki and the greek tourism

Thessaloniki : in the shadow of the Greek tourism ?

Ali and I were eager to participate in this European Volunteering in Thessaloniki, both of us craving for this country full of beauty, culture and picture-perfect sceneries . We had received nothing but good feedback about Greece. So, we were looking forward to this short-term project in the summer. Well, even if it meant facing […]

world cancer day

Stand Up to Cancer Day

Beauty Standards in our society Without giving it a deeper thought, people have a vision in their heads of what is considered beautiful and what not. There is a term for this – beauty standards. Although this concept has existed for a long time, it’s recently heavily influenced by social media and celebrities. We are […]

5 Cinemas In Thessaloniki

Summer is ending, but you still have time to enjoy a night under the sky to watch a movie in a cinema in Thessaloniki with the best atmosphere. We are passionate about the cinemas as you can see in our old post, that is why we want to advise you five cinemas that are located […]