“Sky Rojo”: a series that portrays human trafficking and prostitution

The 30th of July is World Day against Human Trafficking, worth $150 billion annually Inside the fiction “It’s a hamster wheel, chicas. You can’t run away from the club because you’re in debt. You can never run away from the debt because you’re being threatened. And you can’t run away from the threats because you’ve […]

The homophobic aggression in Spain that ended the life of Samuel

Recently, in A Coruña, Samuel Luiz was brutally beaten to death by 12 youngsters in a homophobic attack  The last few weeks in Spain have been hardly influenced by the series of LGTBI+ and homophobic attacks. On Friday 2nd of June, Samuel Luiz was brutally beaten to death in A Coruña, Spain. “Disgusting faggot”, said […]

The challenges of refugees and asylum seekers to start a new life

Refugee Day, celebrated on the 20th of June, offers a chance to raise awareness of the plight of refugees around the world and of the efforts to protect their human rights. Hamid is an asylum seeker from Syria, from the city of Latakia. He finished his Master’s degree in accounting before he and his brother left Latakia for a […]