the Paris Commune

La Commune de Paris 

La Commune de Paris was undoubtedly the first significant form of a proletariat revolution. Karl Marx, but also Friedrich Engels and Mikhail Bakunin, will see an accomplished idea of a government of the working class or dictatorship of the proletariat in this revolution. “This sphinx that puts bourgeois understanding to such a severe test”   Karl […]

Human space flight

Human Space Flight – A brief history of what’s happening up there

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech -Artist’s concept of an astronaut on Mars We are in November 2024, Artemis II is taking off with a crew of 4 people. The goal of this mission is to test NASA capacities to put humans in orbit around the Moon. This journey is a part of a more ambitious project: return to […]

taking a break

Taking a break isn’t lazy – it’s called “resting”

The century we live in is like a roller coaster. Every day, there is a constant flow of new information, a new global event, endless work, fear of not being productive and many other stress factors. In all this hustle and bustle, we are trying to spare time for ourselves, trying different activities and relaxing […]

TiDF encounters – Interview with Jan Baumgartner

During the 25th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival we met Jan Baumgartner and talked with him about his documentary the DNA of Dignity as well as about the work of forensic scientists, the Balkan war and all the emotional stories connected to it. Take a look! Video Editing: Alex Humbert Also check our interviews from the last […]

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