The Chinese legends of the 8 immortals

In the Taoist religions there are many legendary personalities, among them there is a set of figures we know particularly well: the 8 immortals. They are people who in different ways discovered the secret of eternal life. These immortals enjoy mountainous and isolated places. Each of them represents a condition of life of the society: […]

official poster of the poetry night in his instagram friendly format

A poetry night

Monday 21st of february, at 7:00, BalkanHotspot will hold a poetry night. The event will take place at the Kafodeio Greek Café (El. Venizelou 45, Thessaloniki) for the international mother tongue day. For the occasion, we will welcome on the stage six readers from different country for a reading of a poem from their homeland […]

Atatürk: Father of Freedom and Independence

The picture that you can see above is standard equipment in every law office, public school and sometimes even houses in the state of Turkey. Every year on November 10th, you can still see people crying on the streets and being in a state of mourning for the whole day. He was given the name […]

image from The legend of Zelda:Breath of the wild, this game has beautiful graphics and breathtaking views in a semi portative console.

Have we found our 10th art?

Art is everywhere. It can take so many different shapes, and adapt to so many different people. We like to give names to it, to make it fit into different categories. That can seem quite frustrating, regarding the freedom and the wildness of such a concept : but nothing is set in stone, particularly not […]

First They Came- Holocaust memorial day

Take a look at our video for the Holocaust Memorial day. “First They Came” by Martin Niemöller  First they came for the CommunistsAnd I did not speak outBecause I was not a Communist Then they came for the SocialistsAnd I did not speak outBecause I was not a Socialist Then they came for the trade […]

Story from a concentration camp

“The last thing I remember before we left was when my mother was taking me from our place to our grandparents’ ”, Martha Alsenz tells the story of her family during the deportations. She was leaving in Berlin with her parents, Ruth and Joachim, her older sister Jette and her little brother Samuel, 5 years […]

A Potential Problem

Many are the problems we have to face in this world. There are social, political, economic, religious, biological problems, which in turn are divided into others of a different kind. We can be unable to distinguish between good and evil, we can lack sufficient money in order to satisfy our necessities, we can feel lost or confused […]

Picture of a child wearing a rabbit mask


Has it ever happened to you to watch a movie and feel yourself changed? This is the phrase that embodies the essence of the film “Man in the Attic” made by the Director and screenwriter Costantino Venetopoulos, screened at the 62nd edition of the Thessaloniki film festival.  This film is about an aspiring writer, Sebastian, who suffers from psychomatic problems that prevent him from writing. From this disorder, the protagonist will start his personal journey and with the help of a therapist will try to relive childhood memories and find what holds him back and creates fear.  Some films, through an intelligent work of writing, have the power to put the viewer in the role of the protagonist of the film. This movie does exactly that: through the memories, the childhood, the personal failures and the sense of frustration of […]