Far.Go.Bots – The story of dreams that seemed impossible

The documentary film week in Thessaloniki has ended. In this documentary week, which hosts many life stories, we will examine one of the most impressive films together: Far.Go.Bots… The film talks to us  about an establishment located in the Dentropotamos area, one of the forgotten places of Thessaloniki, Faros Tou Kosmou.… This area is known […]

24th TFD – Blind Ambition

“Blind Ambition” – a documentary film about four men, four Zimbabwean men that, with a lot of strength and ambition, form their countrie’s first wine tasting olympics team. Brought together through destiny and hope, Joseph, Pardon, Marivin and Tinashe carry the prideness for their country Zimbabwe throughout their whole journey. Even thought they are so […]

24th TDF- A House Made of Splinters

Ukraine. In a temporary shelter for children who are waiting to go back to their family or to be brought to an orphanage, we follow the stories of a few of these kids and their personal events.They live in a building that is only a place of passage, they are not supposed to stay there […]

Picture of a child wearing a rabbit mask


Has it ever happened to you to watch a movie and feel yourself changed? “They say we are two people. We are the person we are with the memories we keep. And we are the person we are with the memories we have forgotten” This is the phrase that embodies the essence of the film “Man in the Attic” made by the Director and screenwriter Costantino Venetopoulos, screened at the 62nd edition of the Thessaloniki film festival.  This film is about an aspiring writer, Sebastian, who suffers from psychomatic problems that prevent him from writing. From this disorder, the protagonist will start his personal journey and with the help of a therapist will try to relive childhood memories and find what holds him back and creates fear.  Some films, through an intelligent work of writing, have the power to put the viewer in […]

"Poppy field" poster

poppy field

A homosexual laughing and kissing his French lover; a Police officer listening to his colleagues who are joking about women; a man who desperately tries to unite these two self-perceptions within himself: the drama “Poppy Field”, which was released in 2020 and directed by Eugen Jebeleanu -the only openly gay director in all Romania- tells […]

62nd TIFF: Mediterráneo

Mediterráneo is the 4th film directed by Marcel Barrena. It tells the true story of Òscar Camps and all the Catalan volunteers who accompanied him to the island of Lesvos. This was an immediate decision taken after seeing the famous picture of Aylan Kurdi, who died in the shores of the island during an attempt […]

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