Veganuary — What’s the point of eating vegan for a month?

Veganuary is a plant-based food challenge during the month of January. It’s a campaign to encourage people to try veganism in January. It’s been run by a UK-based charity since 2014. The movement got its start out of a desire to protect the environment, stop animal suffering, and enhance the health of millions of people. […]

Are new year’s resolutions powerful or pointless?

As a child, I loved reading. In the following years I never completely stopped reading, but I struggled to finish the books I started. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with putting a book down when it really doesn’t tickle your fancy, but I was at a point where I couldn’t finish any book even though […]

Simulation of Social Media: Dream or Reality? 

Jean Baudrillard’s simulation theory on virtuality and reality has been the subject of many movies, especially the Matrix Movie. Baudrillard’s world of thought offers a rich background in understanding social media in the context of virtuality and reality. Baudrillard, who examines subjects such as simulation, the mentality of the masses, the other, and seduction in […]

Outsider Music

Outsider Music, the key of Z and the philosophy of the World

Outsider Music   It may have all started with a prophecy read on Austin Wiggin Jr.’s hand. First, he’ll marry a blonde woman and have two sons after the death of his mother; then, he will have daughters who will become international music stars. The prophecy was frighteningly turning real when the first two predictions […]

duck syndrome

Duck Syndrome & Social Media: Really are you Happy?

Did you notice people’s perfect lives on social media? In their social media life, everyone is happy, everyone is booming, and everyone is travelling. When you’re sitting on the sofa at home and browsing social media, you see people sharing moments when they feel happy and think they are successful. But are people really what […]


FOMO Sapiens

FOMO – it’s short for the fear of missing out. This acronym describes a feeling most of us have experienced at some point. Feeling left out can cause FOMO, which might happen when people don’t invite you to an event, when you don’t understand an inside joke, you don’t participate in the latest trends, or […]

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